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Ecological Heating


In fact, only 10-20% of the heat output available at home. The remainder goes to the chimney of the fireplace.
Most homeowners understand and accept the disadvantage. For those fire in the living room will not only heating mode, but mostly romance, warmth.
A chimney with an open damper draws more air than is needed for combustion. As the air flow is generated, a large amount "rushes" to the to the chimney with the smoke. Whence comes all this air? Of course through the room. So the indoor air, which have been heat in some other way, you lose the chimney and is replaced by cold air coming from outside. This problem can also occur even when the fireplace is not in use. If you open the damper, a natural air flow occurs, which in the same way drives the warm air from the room to the chimney and replace with cold. Losses naturally reduced without reset. To make it worthwhile to periodically check the damper to its ability to seal the hole and replaced if necessary.

Fortunately, this problem has been solved and listens to Ecohot name.
To Ecohot helps to maximize the thermal efficiency of your existing fireplace.
The Ecohot corrects this problem by sending back to the room all that heat otherwise lost outside your room.
This the way around the house becomes an easy source of heat for the winter.
Imagine the economy since the mere placement of ecohot could reduce your heating bill in half!


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