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COOPERATION - Franchising

PARTNERS - EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION & PRODUCTS The company aims to develop future full promotion of the network throughout the country products. The company has distribution for Greece:
- Prefabricated wooden houses
- Garden Houses
- Small homes
- Kitchen furniture, various furniture & accessories

METHOD CO - Franchising

The method by which our company is the franchising system will be developed. It is worth noting that the chain of Franchising store is the first and only chain in prefabricated wooden houses, and rest top quality house equipment.
The franchising is defined as "the authorization of a person the franchiser to another the franchisee which entitles the latter to deal with the name / logo of the first and to use the specific franchise package consisting of all the necessary elements that will help the operator to create and run a business at a predetermined basis. "
The Franchising is the most effective method for developing an enterprise both on the part of the operator -which anaptyssetai- and by the side of the investor. Average of Franchising Licensee system creates a modern business unit without spending time and money on research issues related to the construction, operation and control of the business. At the same time make use of all the knowledge gained from the existing practice across chain. In essence Licensee "buys" business experience, expertise and the skills that make a business successful.
In addition, it enjoys the advantage of a broad knowledge of Internet signal means and the reputation that comes with it.
With Franchising Licensee minimizes practically risk (the risk) of the investment, while taking part in an organization that is stronger, from a small single unit. So enjoy indirectly the benefits of bargaining power of the entire chain and all other benefits of a strong network. Moreover, although that Licensee is in the network, they are "independent" owner of the company, with the motivation, increasing the effort, and to maximize profits. The Company gathers the maximum of information material and feeds it back to shops.
So Licensee enjoys the benefits of continuous research behalf of the Company and access to a set of information that an individual effort could not get it. The franchising developed in recent years in our country rapidly. Today more than 400 companies develop with this method, while a large number of entrepreneurs - about 3,500 - operate a franchised store.
This an enterprise deployment method fits in very Greek businessman who wants to have his own business but often do not possess the expertise to enable it to function properly the business. The Franchising can offer many advantages to the Greek businessman, as that provides the independence he wants, but at the same time the necessary support in all areas of activity: education of employees and the same, the marketing and sales programs, the best supplies and product prices, construction and proper decoration of the shop, participation in exhibitions etc.

RIGHTS Licensee

The terms of cooperation between the company and licensee guaranteed by contract which sets out the obligations and rights of both sides.
With Franchising system, the company grants:
1. To the right of commercial use of signal
2. The name, the name of the shop and the goods
3. The know-how exclusively owned by the company.
4. The business organization that has been tested and proven successful.
5. The supply of store goods.
6. The exclusivity of goods introduced in the city or the recipient region.
7. The aid in proper siting of the store, by qualified and experienced personnel.
8. The study decoration and furnishing of store.
9. The provision of this equipment.
10. The training of both the franchisee and staff of the item, the sale and customer service.
11. The training in the subject to sale and customer service.
12. The special monitor store operation in the first six months.
13. The continuous support from Central Services.
14. The proper exposition.
15. The assistance in organizing local promotional programs (Local Store Marketing), promotions and public relations.
16. The continuous update on developments in the market.


The obligations of the beneficiary are:
1. Purchase the items marketed exclusively by the company.
2. keep a uniform pricing policy set by the Franchisor.
3. Actively promote the sales of the franchising system products.
4. To conform to the pattern of the franchisor sales
5. Take the cost of construction of the decoration and the furniture shop of.
6. strictly comply with the instructions of the franchisor to shape his shop.
7. Do not exercise immediately or indirectly similar commercial activity in a region which compete with the franchisor or another franchisee of network.
8. To maintain the common identity and reputation of the franchising network
9. Be creative man and eager to work.
10. An investor group, at least one should n'apascholeitai exclusively and fully with store
11. Participate in the advertising of stores
12. Always keep the in perfect condition (clean neat).
13. The personal relationships with customers is high.
14. His personal life and ethos of not affect or reduce the validity of
15. To accurately observe the correct exposition.
16. To allow checks his shop, the products sold and bookkeeping.
17. To notify financial statements for the franchisor and to pay the agreed amount on time.


As is obvious, since the Company provides integrated support services Licensee and the store, the actions required by the Licensee is although limited, but any minor. The requirements for the creation of a are threefold:
The Licensee must be the owner or tenant space which could be created store.
Important: License, base and formed dance is an obligation of the licensee.
The Company provides tips for selecting the region and point. Finally evaluate the candidate stores and adopt the most appropriate. The minimum standards for premises; Land is a store is 2000 - 4000 m² which will be located in a prominent part of the city or near large roads, and have front.
Licensee must have the necessary funds to finance the investment. The functions of the company including the determination of financial capacity of the candidate Licensee.
3. PERSONAL INTEREST The Company requires full and exclusive occupation Licensee with store.
Even if it does not manage the same shop requires his own personal interest and involvement with the store issues.
Every professional occupation has its own special features, and in stores required personal contribution Licensee to achieve the desired results.


Cooperation between the company "" and Licensee finalized by signing the Franchising Contract.
H Licensee Convention (five years), renewable and provide all those that allow a shop work, making use of the mark, the accumulated know-how, technical and operational support Eleloughouses-Wildandfree .gr compliance with the relevant specifications as set out in the manual, while exploiting the constantly evolving system sales strategies.

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