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What will I pay?

The price for a complete construction ranges from 650 to 1,200 € per square meter, while the residence time of delivery is approximately three months from the order. These prices do not include the Building permit costs and insurance contributions (IKA) project and the base.

The materials, the quality and the method of construction of wooden houses are subject to the regulations and specifications of the Construction Information Institute of the Finnish General Industry Group (SFS 4895, RT 14-10436E, RT 82-10415E).

In the above price includes the following work steps:


o Architecture design, architectural drawings
o Structural design, thermal insulation and fire protection study
o Geotechnical study

Construction of a wooden house, which includes:

o Electrical and plumbing
o Hygienic
o Cabinets and kitchen facilities
o Fire and piping for heating

Architectural Design: According to the GOK '85 (N. 1577/85), as amended and supplemented by the Law. 1647-1686, N. 1772/88, 1892/90 and the building code (GG 59D '/ 2.3.89 ).
Structural Design and Seismic: EAK2000, Eurocode 5 Eurocode 1 Eurocode 8, DIN 1052, DIN 1055.
Study Insulation: Rules for Building Insulation (GG 362d '/ 07.04.79).
Fire Study: Regulations for Fire protection of buildings PD 71/88


The construction of the housing comprising the following work steps:

Doors and windows
Mezzanine floors, for building a wooden or ceramic tiles, insulation and waterproofing materials.
floor Terrace


Electrical installation
Network power - hoses - cables - junction kits - kits sockets - General monophasic table two rows into the mains. Low voltage telephone wiring, T.V. wiring, central door bell.

Plumbing - Apocheftesi
Includes floor pipes, floor piping, piping for kitchen, central waiting to five meters outside the building.

Mounting tub, basin and sink. Batteries, floor and walls lined with ceramic tiles.

With cupboards under and over, countertop and sink back with synthetic or stainless and thermomeiktiki battery.

Tubing on the ground floor, pipes for floor, central waiting to five meters outside the building (excluding radiators and boiler).

With prokataskefsmeni cast iron hearth and chimney, lined with stone or brick.

A family business under the name «», which aims to manufacture all kinds of wooden work, the last 26 years.


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